Sound Mixer


From across the world to let you take over the stage with perfection. We have a extensive range of amplifiers whether you are looking for a small home amp or a professional stage or studio amp, from the best brands worldwide such as Behringer, Blackstar, Bugera, Cort, Egnater, Fender, Hartke, Ibanez, Laney, Line 6, Marshall, Peavey, Pignose, Roland and many more


Biamp Systems is a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems that power the world’s most sophisticated audio/video installations. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service.
Biamp is dedicated to creating products that drive the evolution of communication through sight and sound. The award-winning Biamp product suite includes: Tesira® media system for digital audio and video networking, Devio® collaboration tool for modern workplaces, Audia® digital audio platform, Nexia® digital signal processors, Vocia® networked public address and voice evacuation system, and Oreno® mobile control software for Tesira-equipped rooms. Each has its own specific feature set that can be customized and integrated in a wide range of applications, including corporate boardrooms, conference centers, huddle rooms, performing arts venues, courtrooms, hospitals, transportation hubs, campuses, and multi-building facilities.


We offer a microphone solution for every audio challenge.
Whether it’s handheld microphones or head-worn microphones, wired or wireless – audio equipment for live concerts always has to face two major challenges. Firstly, the whole emotional power and dynamic of a performance has to be conveyed to the audience. To accomplish that, you need highly developed audio technology with lots of feeling – but without any touchiness. Because, secondly, it has to work reliably under every condition.

Sound Mixer

The quality of the mix can make or break a live performance; it's critical to have the right mixer for the job. At Sweetwater, we know what it takes to put a great live mix together. That's why we carry all the top brands of live sound mixers - in a wide variety of formats to suit every need and every venue. Whether you're a solo artist or a band running your own sound, a volunteer manning the sound system for your church, or a dedicated engineer controlling the mix for the big stage, we have the perfect mixing solution for you. We also have the experience to help you find exactly what you need for your application.